Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Best of Summer--a Headbangers' Theme

One that I provided in my turn to our Headbangers group whose links you can see in my sidebar over there. Each week we set a header to meet the theme chosen by one of the group, then choose our favorites for gold, silver and runner-up bronze. Want to play with us? Just let one of us know. We could use another for more competition.

So the best of summer. Summer is actually my least favorite season. I can easily list the worst of summer, which is mowing the lawn in the 100º F. sun. Well, I did get it done before it hit 100º, but I was definitely dripping.

So then I came in to make some selections from the archives to add to the photos taken in the last couple of days to illustrate the best, and I must admit that I convinced myself that there is enough of the best to tolerate the heat--as long as it doesn't last terribly long.

So here goes:

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye.

The trails through the forest are cool. 

The bears have come out of hibernation.
You find odd combinations of hot and cool in the strangest places.
We are blessed with glorious sunsets.

You camp out.

No matter where.
The wildflowers are glorious in the mountain meadows. (Did I already say glorious with the sunset? Too bad. Let me be redundant. The wildflowers are glorious, too.)

And so are the roses in the Rose Garden.
Cousins who live far from each other get a chance to hang out.

Kids have a great time at day camps, Vacation Bible Schools, summer park department programs.
The trails melt out so that  you can go hiking.

Grown men chase a ball around the field  in 102º heat for a good cause.
They know well the next day that they participated.

The Vintiques Car Show comes to Yakima.

And maybe best of all, even if you can't grow a garden, you can get the most wonderful summer fruits and vegetables at a neighborhood fruit stand or farmers market.


imac said...

Well Kathy, I have to admit, you certainly have covered all Summer.
I like Tomatoes too.

Christopher Frost said...

There's certainly a loot to enjoy about summer. Here's an idea, get rid of the lawn, then you won't have to mow it!

Gail Spalding-Frost said...

Blooming wonderful Tomatoes, or do you say Tamatoes?! LOL My favourite picture is the rose that you have captured! Absolutley picture perfect! I can smell the aroma from the rose from here! Gorgeous! Well captured and what a lovely theme!

katney said...

TOE MAY' TOES, Gail. Are they TOE MAW' TOES in the UK? Whichever and however, they are the best about this time of year--as sweet and juicy as your ice cream.

Ah, Chris. The actual lawn part of the lawn is quite small, and takes but a couple of minutes to mow. But it was time to give the wildflower lawn its twice or thrice a year trim, and it would have been much better if I had remembered to engage the self-propelled lever while I did it.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: What a great post, you certainly captured Summer. My tomatoes were attacked by deer that had little to eat with our drought. I love your photo of the summer bounty.

Liz said...

Fabulous! Such a lot to love about summer.

But our raspberries haven't shown their faces yet, birds have eaten all the blueberries and we have 1 plum on our tree! We do have a good crop of tomatoes though.