Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometime in the next 18 hours I am going to have to decide

Yep, the Headbangers are at it again. And the theme we have been given by Stewart is Exhibition. He explains that it should be a photo you would put in an exhibition.

I wonder if these guys realize that I use what is not much more than a point and shoot camera.

It does look intimidating to some, as it has bulk and what looks to the average I will take your picture with my phone and try not to cut off your head photographer like an incredible lens. It is a great zoom. I love my zoom.

So I point and I shoot and I sort.

So, what would I put in an exhibition? Should I go far? Stay close to home? Focus in close? Zoom to the distance? How far would I go??

to Siberia!!

What would I put in an exhibition?

the snout of the glacier---oh, and those guys on the snowboards

Not even the main peak peeking

What wood grow here?

Arch angle

Earlier this summer--close to the wildfire burning now.



They said "What in the world is she taking a picture of?"
and then they looked,
and took a picture themselves. Hiking in Scotland.

Another view from the same hike.

Love these sheep by Hadrian's Wall!!

In Lincoln, UK
I did take some ordinarily touristy pictures while in Wales.

OK, so he was at a wildlife park, but do stay out of his way. Did I mention I love my zoom?

Another local character--there on the left.

And while they were looking for touristy views...

My brother and his friend.

ghost town textures

synchronized breaching

Everyone else was taking a picture of Half Dome.

Oh, remember the cattle drive--do I live in the Old West or what?   (actually, it is a bit more of the or what.)

Bloom where you are planted.

OK, I have to do a new header tomorrow. So what shall it be????


imac said...

Got some good ones here Kathy.lol

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: The mountain peeking out.

katney said...

It was between the mountain and the cattle drive here. I went with hubby's choice. After all, I do have to live with him--LOL. His thinking was that he would see be likely to see on the wall at an exhibition at the state fair next month. Hard to argue with that because, even though it is more of the "or what", we do live in the Old West.

Anonymous said...

Loved your cattle drive header Kathy. I love the story told with all your other pictures. Its nice to see a variety of photos of what your part of the world looks like, very interesting.

imac said...

I reckon you outta get them critters moving - Rawhide.
Great capture Kathy.

katney said...

I did a count, and yes, you would say that the majority are my part of the world if you measure broadly. The cattle drive was 50 miles from here. But several of these were from your part of the world.

Liz said...

Think it should have been the glacier!