Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Headbangers Challenge--Stripes

I wonder when Chris (Gailsman) set the theme of "Stripes" for this week's Headbanger's Challenge if he had something in particular in mind.

Had he been out hiking and noticing the stripes on small critters such as the Golden Mantle Squirrel? (Not a chipmunk. The Golden Mantle Squirrel is larger and does not have stripes on his cheeks, though this one certainly has a supply of nuts in his cheeks.)
Or maybe he had stopped by the zoo, which is always a good place to find some stripey critters.
Sleepy stripey critters.
Did he find some smaller stripey critters?

My bet is that he did not have someone like Esther show up fresh from a manicure with her stripey fingernails!
(I did a little rotate and patching to get the picture in the right proportions for my header and repair the fingertip that I had cropped of when I took the picture. When you are photographing the fingernails of a plucky 83 year old at the gym, you don't ask for "just one more take and move your hands this way.)

Headbangers move to a theme each week. There are five of us now, linked in my sidebar so you can see what stripes the others have found.

This just in--introducing our newest Headbanger--Richard. He will be joining the competition with next weeks theme.


imac said...

Very neat idea Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Great post and a very unusual set of stripes. Love your Golden Mantle Squirrel with the great stripes.

Liz said...

What a wonderful 83-year-old!

I've never seen a striped squirrel.