Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That was a surprise!

Tom suggested the theme of "That was a surprise!" for our headbangers adventure this week. I am properly prepared with a photo that I came upon while gathering files for the "Exhibition" last week. When I took another look at it--two years after taking it--I discovered something I had never noticed before.

I will put the picture up tomorrow, and will you notice what I noticed?

In the meantime, here is a repost of a surprise that happened a few years ago during Spring Break:

You see, it was during spring break several years ago when two boys rang my doorbell and told me that their ball went into my yard and could they go get it.

And I said Yes, go around through the gate over here.

And they said but he went in over there.

Now, bilingual kids (and adults) often have a problem getting their pronouns straight, so I didn't think too seriously about their calling their ball a "he."

So, pretty soon this is what I saw:
 Okay, not a problem with pronouns, just a little accent on the vowel sounds there.

The boys tried to get the bull to go home with them, but he thought our grass was greener, I guess. So they said they would be right back, and pretty soon they came back with their dad.

...who was leading a cow.
 Who led the bull out of the yard...

and down the road toward home.
So that's my surprise story--that's all it is--and I'm sticking with it.

So I guess I do live in the Wild West.

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imac said...

Yes yes yes yes yes - no - no Bull about your surprise then Kathy,lol. Nice one, surprised me too, well done.