Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, here again, ABC Wednesday, Wednesday Blackout, and Headbangers Challenge merge

First of all, it is almost Wednesday, and all over the internet there are folks who have made their sites go black to protest the American House of Representatives' SOPA bill. Monday it was announced that that bill had been effectively killed. We still have PIPA in the Senate, but the fact is that some forms of protest seem rather ineffective, and blacking out the blog seems one of them. Although I suppose it might bring awareness of the issue to the surfing public.

I don't remember what SOPA stands for, but PIPA is the Prevent Internet Piracy Act. The doom and gloom crowd declare that it would effectively destroy the Internet as we know it. More moderate minds are skeptical. But it is a good thing to be informed, so look it up--but not on Wikipedia, because it will be blacked out.

ABC Wednesday enters round ten with the letter A. I left Round Nine with the Zoo, and since the Headbangers theme announced by Fishing guy is "Look at this ( ) Animal", I will go back to the zoos (and parks) for more favorite animals.
hoary marmot

Some animals from Mt. Rainier National Park. You have probably seen many of these pictures before if you have hung out here for long.
black bear

doe and fawns


 This photo is not zoomed in. She is right there at my elbow. This little beggar hangs out at Second Burroughs Mountain to see what hikers she can talk into sharing their lunch. Not a good thing, as hiker lunches are not the best food for Golden Mantle Squirrels, and becoming dependent on hiker food dulls the food foraging skills for when the hikers are no longer there.

And now a couple of Zoo visits--mostly from the San Francisco Zoo trip in fall of 2010.
red lemur

I don't know what this bird is, other than a show off.

and talk about show offs!

What a poser!

Can you call these tortoises at the Phoenix Zoo lovebirds?

 But ready to go into the header--
"Look at this (family of ) animals":
Baby Hasani again, and his adoptive mother  Bawang. He was about a year old when we visited them.

For the best ever animal header in the blogosphere, visit Max-E in South Africa.  I love going to his blog even when he hasn't updated for a while, just for the header shot. Scroll through and see some of his adventures as well.


Kim, USA said...

I so like to see animals like these. Hope to visit Detroit Zoo this spring or summer. The animals look like they are posing for you. ^^


chubskulit said...

The red lemur is a beauty!

An Apple A Day, an artsy thing.

Paulie said...

You have got some great photos of animals -- most of which I will never get a chance to take a photo of.

Thanks for sharing yours with us!

Roger Owen Green said...

I think it's Stop Online Piracy Act, which wanted to use a cannon to kill a mouse. Piracy is a problem, but the solution was worse.
Nice pics, BTW.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

katney said...

Paulie, you have seen some of these same ones--the deer and the frog--as you were on the hikes with us when I took those. ;-)

Gattina said...

Wonderful animal pictures !
I am for a free Internet, what bothers me that all other English speaking countries have to deal with American politics. I agree with Roger.

imac said...

Sure is a great post my friend - Love the Ape pics.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Love your captures and the gorilla is great. The bird is a Grey Crowned Crane.

Liz said...

Oh those fawns! And the black bear. And the posing gorillas!

Gailsman said...

The little baby gorilla is so cute. Shame that he won't stay like that for long

Lew said...

Great photos of these animals! Have you figured out how the bird (and other long legged ones) hide one leg in their feathers?

RuneE said...

Nice to here that SOPA has been killed - but don't kill these gorgeous animals!

Mel Cole said...

fascinating animals you shared here. enjoyed it. especially that bird photo. My "A" for ABC Wednesday.