Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ABC Revisiting Z

 Coming to the end of our ABC Wednesday revisits, we have come to Z in Round 9. Round 10 will be coming up next week and we start again with A. I found ABC Wednesday at the start of Round 2, so have been doing this for four years.

This round was revisiting places I have been, so here are  Zebras from two Zoos. The one above in Phoenix last November, and the one below joining his giraffe friends at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo a few years ago is the same one as the one at the top. I think. They do rather resemble each other don't they?

At the San Francisco Zoo in 2010 we saw the gorillas, including baby  Hasani below, who was not quite two years old. I wonder how big he is now.

This young orangutan was at the Phoenix Zoo this fall. Dad is seen below.

 Seeing double in Phoenix.

 Giraffes are a favorite of mine and feeding them in Seattle was a special treat for my birthday. (The group in the top are in Phoenix and the mug shots below are from San Francisco.)


Kathy said...

Fabulous zoo shots! Some of the best I've seen.

Roger Owen Green said...

You are a VETERAN of ABC Wednesday! At least a year longer than I. Thanks for all your great posts!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Terrific zoo shots. Love the giraffe.

Margie said...

Amazing and truly wonderful shots!
Loved them all!
Thank you!

Kim, USA said...

Wow these photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

ABC Wednesday

Ms. Burrito said...

I love the giraffe fotos.

Zing is it for me. Hope you can visit and see. Have a nice day!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful critters.

Zodiac is one of my entries. Come see it when you get a chance. Thanks!

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! Impressive photos, to be sure. Zebras always look so clean and tidy!

Leslie: said...

GREAT shots! That gorilla looks rather formidable, though, so I wouldn't want to get in his way. lol

abcw team

Dave Cawkwell said...

Lovely set of animal shots.

Andy said...

WoW! 4 years here...congratulations! I'm fairly new.
Nice zoo shots. The giraffe looks like it's posing especially for you!
Looking forward to more of your posts as we move on to Rd10.
Thanks for sharing.

Zealous For Your Love

Jo Bryant said...

Wow - what a series...