Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution in an Odd Shot

We saw this distracting message several times as we drove through the Reno, Nevada area recently. I put away the camera as soon as I got the shot. (Actually, I was not driving, so it was okay.) It has a good point!!!

Please resolve to not answer your cell phone while driving this year...but remember that the cell phone is not the only distraction. Quit fiddling with the radio dials on the freeway... If you have to discipline the kids, pull off...Eating while driving? I do, but I am very careful about what I pick up in the drive through--some foods just do not lend themselves to multitasking. And after all, multitasking is not a good idea while driving.

Okay, down off my soapbox, but I want to keep what readers I do have, so resolve to stay safe and post an Odd Shot every week.


Gailsman said...

Surely that message is a distraction too!

Happy 2012 Kathy.

Lew said...

Indeed - good advice (the sign and yours)! The signs around here have smaller letters and are longer, often including telephone numbers.

Martha Z said...

I am amazed at what I see people doing while driving. It's surprising that any of us get where we are going in one peace.
Wishing you and Ranny a wonderful New Year!