Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Whose turn is it to choose the theme for the Headbangers this week?

Surprise! It's your turn. It wasn't really but once again some switching around had been done and it truly was a surprise to me. And the team really had to be informed, so what better theme under the circumstances than "Surprise!"

And honestly, I had no idea what to post in my header for the theme. And almost no better idea this morning as I prepared my ABC Wednesday post below. (Dave, if you are reading this, you had better scroll down to the next post as it is at your request.)

As I did that post I remembered how surprised I was as that balloon rose directly over our heads. Why was I surprised? What did I expect? Not sure, but I do know I was not expecting this blast right then. Did you know that the blast of the heaters is quite loud?  Maybe that is what was surprising.
I cropped it to fit my header style. It might do.

Then the weekend came and after a movie (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with it's theme based around someone lost in the World Trade Center on 9/11 could have been maudlin, but it is instead quite awesome. See it.) I digress, after the movie we finally had a chance to try the new Texas Roadhouse restaurant --earlier visits either found them closed because we were too early, or with an hour and a half wait time on New Year's Day. We were enjoying quite delicious kabobs and hearing several birthday celebrations around the room when

Dope slap!!!

It's hubby's birthday (well, not quite but the Monday.)

So I got up to go to the Ladies' Room. Well, that's what hubby thought, and I didn't lie, I did go. But on my way I nabbed our waitress and told her, and so, in a few minutes here they came with a saddle on a sawhorse. "Huh, what's this? I don't understand." I really got him. I really got him. 


Which was the best surprise possible and I am glad that I caught it with my new cell phone. I texted it to my daughter who e-mailed it to me, which is pretty much the only way to get pictures off the stupid phone.

I am glad that I got a picture, but  it is truly a lousy picture that I will not use in my header. I have my standards as to the quality of my header photos and the shape of them. I insist that the header does not take up so much space that you can't see the start of the posts below.

So I still needed a surprise header. What surprises recently? Surprise, it's a cancer of the blood! No, not quite right for a header. Surprise, it snowed? No, that doesn't work. Snow is not that much of a surprise. An upside down snowman was cute--hubby is taking a picture of it for me today as it is in the next town and he has errands there. I will save it for my next Odd Shot--unless the message comes back, surprise, it melted.

So a happy surprise for me last year was an invitation to join hundreds of TCs from across the world at Google Headquarters for a Summit. Wow! You know, you get all sorts of scams and spams in e-mail--most filtered out by the spam filters. But no, this was legit. And so, my representation of my surprise in the header, the Google bikes that employees  (known as googlers) ride when they have to go from one part of the Googleplex to another. Googlers, unlike myself, are young and fit. And so these surprising bikes represent my surprising invitation. Thanks Google!

I have to add the surprising comment when my four year old granddaughter asked me why my T-Shirt said Google on it. I told her it was a souvenir from when I visited Google. Her surprising reaction? GRANDMA, you can't go to Google. It's in the computer!

Oh, by the way, check on the other headbangers and see what surprised them. Their links are in my sidebar.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Neat post and the transportation is surprising.

Gailsman said...

Gail and I have been in a balloon a couple of times now and it's a fantastic ride. So quiet and lots to see from so high up.

Paulie said...

Interesting post! I hope your hubby had/has a great birthday too! I am gradually figuring out how to use the new blog site and have made some changes even if I don't yet have a new photo for posting. BUT my links don't work as they say no one has posted again which is not so. More work to be done and figured out, I guess.