Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello December!

Simple theme this week for the Headbangers---Hello December!

Simple, well, maybe, maybe not. My header image is a luminaria, used in some areas to light  a path during December's holiday celebrations. Originally from the Southwest, I think. And we just came from there, traveling this morning through snowy Meachem Pass in Eastern Oregon.

This luminaria was one of only a few which stayed lit the evening a couple of Decembers ago when we visited the Yakima Arboretum during their luminaria events. Maybe that is why these lights welcome December in the Southwest and not so much in our snowy Northwest.

Welcome, December!

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: You only find these in December, nice capture.

Paulie said...

Now that we have December, I hope the snow isn't far behind locally!

Liz said...

I've never heard of luminaria before. What a nice idea.