Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Headbanger Challenge--Thanks

Eventually the choice of this week's theme descended upon me, and, having pondered some other ideas as my date for choosing either was conveyed to me in error, was misunderstood by me, or actually changed, as the actual date came I offered the topic of "Thanks".

It is not coincidence that the Americans among the group are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving this week, but the fact is that any time is a perfect time for  "Thanks". The theme could have been done six weeks from now or six months from now and been just as valid.

As a society, we have too much let the holiday boil down to football (the American variety), commercialized parades with gigantic balloons, and too much food, so calling attention to what its meaning should be won't be a bad idea either. (Maybe six weeks from now or six months from now would have been better.)

I had ancestors in Plymouth Colony where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated  in 1621. They had not come on the Mayflower, but on "the second boat", so to speak. Things did not go all that smoothly for them, as one was kicked out of the colony on two separate occasions--on one of them having had to leave through a gauntlet of rifle toting colonists whacking him on the behind as he departed. He later ran afoul of the natives as well, and was murdered by Indians. I guess I could say "Thanks" that I am here to tell of it.

Now the other bit is that, having declared the theme to be "Thanks", I promptly left most of my photo files at home and left for the holiday. So my options for a header must come from my limited collection of photos resident on the laptop (most of this year), those I have used in my blogs in the past, and those I can take now. Thus I call your attention to my header collection page to see many things I am thankful for that are not included--as my past headers have pretty much always represented something dear to me in some way.

So now I must peruse my available files, and come up with something both "Thankful" and adequately pleasing to my eye to top the blog for the next week.

Visit the other headbangers, listed in the sidebar, to see how they interpret the theme of "Thanks".


Lanny said...

That's a very nice collection of photos. And a good reminder to always be thank-filled.

Liz said...

Gosh, you can trace your family back to the beginning of the colonisation! That's impressive.

Lovely things for which to give thanks in your header.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Thanks for sharing the theme of thanks through your photography. I do hope your trip is going well.

Gailsman said...

Certainly a mixture of photos for your header this week.