Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Headbangers--Weird and Wonderful

The Headbangers theme, presented to us this week by Dave, is Weird and Wonderful. I was welcomed by the Headbangers last week and managed a silver shield.

With this week's theme I am taking you to several National Parks of the American West. The header itself it my favorite mountain topped by one of its famous lenticular clouds. Those are a weird and wonderful treat to see.

These other National Park sights are weird and wonderful as well:
A "fin" and hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park
This weird and wonderful hoodoo is actually at Arches National Park  supports a balancing rock. Hoodoos, arches, and fins are typical of the red rock parks of southern Utah and northern Arizona.

We found this weird and wonderful phenomenon at Yosemite National Park near Mirror Lake. An area where hundreds of people do some rock stacking each year. Yes, each year over the summer season the rocks are stacked, then the winter's snow does the demolishing job so they can start again.

Stalactites? Or Stalagmites? I knew at one time. These weird and wonderful creations are at Lehmann Caves at Great Basin National Park.

 Another weird and wonderful place--very weird--that we have visited is a castle. Yes, we visited phenomenal Edinburgh Castle and Lincoln Castle and several castles and palaces when we were in the UK. But this particular castle is located in a suburb of Los Angeles. It is called Rubel's Castle, and I wrote about it here.

I mean, really--a portcullis? in Southern California?

 This castle was built, helter skelter, by one eccentric Southern Californian, and he included all sorts of strange things.
 This is the top of the clock tower. Really, follow the link and read about the clock tower and the clock.
One really weird and wonderful thing about this place--we stopped by to visit my cousin Terry and she said, "Oh, yes, you are going through Rubel's Castle--I went to school with Mike Rubel."

And you thought some of your classmates were weird!

Check out the other headbangers. they are listed in my sidebar.


imac said...

Well done Kathy, sure is weird and wonderful Header and post.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Enjoyed your travels and the mountain was really neat.

Gailsman said...

Certainly a good selection of photos. Having a motorbike going through a wall is certainly strange

Dave said...

Fancy having a friend who has a castle however weird!
Its Stalactites in the picture (as the old memory verse for it goes because tights fall down).

Liz said...

Those are all really weird!

We saw lots of rock stacks in Canada. I can't remember what they're called - but I just remembered I have a book about them and they're called inuksuks.

Paulie said...

I would say UNIQUE instead of weird. . . such beautiful memories for you!