Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Headbangers--my first week

So I finally accept the invitation to be a Headbanger. And then Imac gives me this week's theme.



I'm not sure whose choice that was, but thanks a lot, guys. This leaves me banging my head indeed.

I told Imac I had something in mind, but when I went and looked, I thought oooooooooo-nooooooooo. I don't think I want that at the top of my blog for the next week. In fact, I will only share this bit of haunting in a very small form--click to enlarge if you really want to see all the gory detail that I had forgotten from a couple of Halloweens ago.

But besides referring directly to blood, sanguine also means:

of a cheerful disposition or a ruddy complexion that sometimes goes with it

kind of like my Halloween persona

or blood-red in color, like these fall leaves.

And then I realized that my fall colors from last week are also blood-red. And so, I think I will leave them there as none of these others are better, and hope for an easier theme for next week.

The Headbangers vote as to the best interpretation of the theme, and so, I refer you to them in the list in my sidebar to see what you think. Did I do okay for a beginner headbanger?


Liz said...

That leaf is gorgeous.

I love the trunking idea too.

imac said...

Well Kathy, I think you did BLOODY well(so to speak-lol)

Nice one and its only your 1st attempt - Gee - I think we all are going to have to pull thy socks up, and watch out,lol.
Well Done.

Gailsman said...

Welcome Kathy, and lovely colours on show.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy:Looks like three of us went in the same direction, love you tree in sanguine. BTW: Lanny came up with the theme and I thought all women knew these colors. lol

Lanny said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome. And the fellas may take it easy on you but me? Never! Just kidding! I'm glad you had fun your first time out and shared some lovely gore. But I like your foliage very much! See you again soon.