Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday's Odd Shots

So you are asking yourself "What is odd about that? It is a [for lack of a more precise knowledge of the exact type of piece of equipment it is, I will say 'blue tractor']. Rather ordinary in the grand scheme of things."

Sometimes the oddness of the shot is in the story behind it. This 'blue tractor' is currently sitting behind our church hall, and has been used over the last week or so in the work of extending the parking lot. I stopped the other day to say "hi" and "how's the parking lot coming?" to my old friend Ernie, who has been a major part of the committee for getting the parking lot beyond the talk stage and into the do something phase.

Ernie has featured in Odd Shots before. It was he and his wife and brother who walked into a restaurant 150 miles from home and found me taking a picture of a ketchup bottle.

Well, Ernie and Fr. Jaime and I were talking, and Ernie proudly pointed to the shiny 'blue tractor' and said "That is my retirement toy. When I decided to retire, that's what I bought."

Does anyone else think that is odd?

My hubby got golf clubs (which he has never used.)

Maybe a shiny new 'blue tractor' is not so odd after all.

(BTW, I am doing much better, though I am not going to run any races for a while.) I'm not doing much better at the linkies, though. Since it scheduled to start in less than an hour, I will not tamper with it because I could make it worse. And I don't know how to remove the link to this post in the middle of this post without causing further problems.


Jeff said...

right-handed golf clubs that he's never used

katney said...

AND left handed ones he has never used.

We're covered for any golfing occasion.

Well, we don't have any golf balls.

Lew said...

That's quite a nice "retirement toy"! And he is putting it to excellent use. My retirement toy is a Nikon which took this Odd Shot.

Paulie said...

I played and I linked but the link takes one to a place that says there is no page but if you click on the link THERE, it brings you to your blog. I don't know what I did wrong. It has been awhile since I wrote any html. BUT I tried by posting for your blog meme and also another post for today below it.

I like that idea of an odd shot you had. Glad your parking lot got refinished -- we just did ours last summer.

imac said...

Little blue boy, come blow your

Martha Z said...

Retirement is when the fortunate among us get to choose what toys we need to give fulfillment to the rest of our lives.