Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making a list

Once again making a list as I have returned from the ER with three shots of stuff that make me goofy and I don't think  driving to the Library even if I am getting some relief from the pain would be a good idea. I will send Hubby, but he will need a list. So I set out to see which is the next book in the series I have been reading that would be easy for him to find.

Searching for the library's website brought me this result:

Showing results for grandview library. Search instead for gtsnfview library
Apparently I did type in gtsnfview library. It probably doesn't even make sense in Welsh.


Paulie said...

Wondering what took you to the hospital -- and I don't mean a car. . . Hope and pray you will be fine soon.

Liz said...

What have you done?!