Wednesday, February 16, 2011

140 points

in one play


Martha Z said...

Wow! I always loose at Scrabble.

Paulie said...

How could you get all those points in one play? I have been playing scrabble with a friend and we have the latest board with quadruple score and I never saw that many points for one turn and my friend is really good. Please tell me how you got that much.

katney said...

Asw you can see it gave me 90 basic points--the base score was ten. The first triple word score made it thirty and the second one tripled it again for ninety. Add the 50 points for using all the letters in my tray--I didn't catch that in the screen shot so drew it in. I play against robots at Pogo. I've never had a play like this one before and don't expect another any time soon.