Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two more days of hikes--Cul Mor and Stac Pollaidh

Fog! We set off for Cul Mor not anticipating long views. Some days are like that.
We did get to see some of the lochs below through the damp. I think this is Loch Veyatie. Cul Mor is a challenge. I looked back to see the others scrambling up the rocks behind me. (How did I get ahead?)

...and ahead to see what was coming as we continuned upward.
This time I was among those at the top, as we gathered around the trig mark at the highest point.
I think this is Stac Pollaidh, our goal for the next day. I am not sure, as the most distinctive part of that peak would be hidden there in the cloud.
Friday's hike, easier in some ways--up to a certain point. You can see the top from here.
This is the top. Shaun knew not to ask me to take those vertical rock walls. Ranney and I remained to watch and look around.
We could look back to Cul Mor--you could actually see the top today.
While the mountains in the Torridon area were like a range--lots of hills and ups and downs, these rise up from the surrounding plain as individual monoliths. You definitely start at the bottom.
Here they come back down--a white knuckle experience for some. They could truthfully say they climbed Stac Pollaidh. I am content to say that I climbed ON Stac Pollaidh.
Where had they gone? Up there!


imac said...

I think you would have had my company while the others went up there.
Great shots, reminds me of Cornwall and the stones.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Bellissime immagine dall'escursione.
La cima della montagna tra la nebbia è stupenda !
Quasi magica :-)