Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not everything is a thousand years old.

The Scottish Parliament, establishd in 1293, was dissolved by the English in 1707. It was officially reopened in 1999 to deal with all matters of home rule--matters other than defense, foreign affairs, and taxation. Fitting that a new parliament should have a new building, and here is one side of it. New architecture--it was controversial--and 900% over budget--but here it is near the end of the Royal Mile across from Holyrood Palace.

I found this man suspicious. What is he doing standing there with climbing gear--ropes and carabiners, gloves, climbing hardhat, everything necessary for rappelling--and gazing up the side of the new parliament building? I suspected mischief, some sort of a prank. Wouldn't you?

The side of the building is oddly amorphous. See those stones up the side--look perfect for climbing. It is the location of the Gerard Manley Hopkins quote from an earlier post along with lots of others. This one seems apropos of the theme:

Here is  the other side facing Holyrood Palace. Those attachments over the windows look like handguns. I didn't notice that before. There is a lot of wood on this side--oddly shaped.

Now, are you wondering about the the potential building climber? Well, he was exactly that, but legitimately. He was the spotter for these guys up there rappelling down the side of the building as they did some exterior cleaning.

Men at Work.

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Paulie said...

Wish we had some repellers here -- one young man did jsut that to clean our windows in this 9 story building but he didn't do the ledges and it looks terrible when you get close to the windows.