Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the Pubs

I promised pub signs and here is one of the most famous--or is it infamous. The popular pub commemorates Deacon Brodie, good citizen by day, robber by night and possibly the real life persona of Dr. Jekyll (or Mr. Hyde.)

Those hanging signs are not just for pubs. The one above is obvious. The one below marks an exhibit on the history of conditions of the working class.

Pubs are not just beer and ale. They are a good spot for a meal. Our fish and chips were prepared in this tiny kitchen at the End of the World. The End of the World got its name because it is at the site of the city gates of the walled city of the 16th century. 
Since no one would consider going beyond those gates, it was the end of their world. Brass bricks mark the location in the street outside.

A pub at Greyfriars marks the neighborhood where  a pup named Bobby demonstrated his loyalty to his master. Bobby had been the companion of Jock, who guarded the cattle brought to market. When Jock took sick and died in the winter of 1858, Bobby followed his funeral procession to the graveyard, where he remained for fourteen years, leaving only for a meal in the nearby pub that Jock and he had frequented.


Martha Z said...

I've read the this interesting old signs originated because many could not read. They do add character to the street scene.
We'll head for the mountains again next week, I'm trying to get into condition or you'll beat me up the mountain.

Paulie said...

I loved the story of the dog and his master and the pub!

RuneE said...

Edinburgh, in many ways my favourite non-Norwegian city, and you have shown why.