Friday, August 20, 2010

Beinn Dampf part two with a SkyWatch

Well, the last post gave a hint at what the skies looked like as we hiked up Beinn Dampf, and the previous one showed Shaun checking the location on the map. We were assured we would have views to the sea from this peak, but it did not look like views were in store for that day. But on we hiked till we reached a "bench"  before the final 800 feet or so--if Shaun was reading the map correctly.
That's where I decided I would not claim the peak, and where Shaun estimated how long the rest of the party would be, found us a safe spot to wait, and gave us the emergency shelter in case of rain.
The view was pretty sparse, and then the rain did come.
We hung out under the shelter during the rain. And then we realized we weren't hearing the pat pat pat of the drops on the nylon. So we took a peek.

We saw the sea--and Wow! Is that the same valley?
I leaped up and could no longer obey the admonition "Stay right there!" Click click click click left right front left right front. We saw the sea, but the view changed and changed as the clouds blew in and around.

And then as we headed back down to the pub, we had another treat!

You will find other views of the world's skies at the SkyWatch site. Thanks to those who make it possible.


Powell River Books said...

What beautiful misty skies! - Margy

Gattina said...

Absolutely gorgeous skies although it must have been quiet cold and wet !

imac said...

Mighty fine shots my friend.

Max-e said...

Hi Katney, this is a beautiful looking palce but it also looks damp and cold. Interesting post.
Thanks for sharing.

Paulie said...

Not too fond of rain but the rainbow made up for it! Beautiful!