Sunday, June 6, 2010


capt being late wasn't unusual

can't turn ship around here
radioed CG acording to

holding up promotion
T avoiding confrontation
jealousy b/c rehne

saving battle over Rehue till end of cruise

JD shouting match
capt thought drinking too much -- "stuffed shirt"

business w capt -(bad) knew in navy--partners--fixed books so looked good--took profit Stubig accused of cheating

Falcon-- loner
button missing
scratch on hand
scuffle w Steve Walker over picture taking

"Russian defector"

diary stressed

So, if you found an old notebook and all that and more was in it obviously in your own hasty handwriting, what would you think?

I really thought I was losing it.

Then finally I found something in the notebook that was dated. I managed to put together the pieces. The scratchy notations were done when we were on a cruise three years ago. We participated in a mystery dinner, and these were some of my notes trying to figure out whodunnit.


Susan/SC said...

Oh that is too funny! Just think given a few more years that confusion may be coming around on a more regular basis with much less mundane scribblings!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hello Katney...
sei fortunata ad aver ritrovato il senso di questi scarabocchi... dei miei, quando li ritrovo non ci capisco e non ricordo nulla... sono un vero agente segreto !!!
Happy day :-)