Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ABC Wednesday -- U is for Up.

Looking UP the hill the other day at the Wild Horses Monument reminded me that we had now arrived at the letter U in the sixth round of ABC Wednesday.
There are all sorts of things to be seen by looking up--depending on where you are and when.

Riverside, California                                                       Prosser Ballon Rally
Central Washington State Fair

Arches National Park
Weather station at Paradise                           Wild dogwood at Ohanapecosh


Rosadimaggio63 said...

in questo momento che in Itlia si boccheggia per il grande caldo, vedere una foto con della neve non può che farci piacere :-))
Che bel fresco !!!
Buona giornata.

Tumblewords: said...

What gorgeous U's these are. I've always thought Arches to be one of the most interesting places and surely the horses along the Columbia are rugged and beautiful. Up is a good place!

Roger Owen Green said...

Did you see the movie UP? I liked it.

Nice pics.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

imac said...

I do so hope we meet, I really love your shots.

diXymiss said...

What a beautiful and UP-lifting series of shots! ;-) Some natural, some manmade, all eXpertly captured.

~Cheryl said...

Wonderful, beautiful assortment of photos with the up angle!

Carol said...

Wonderful photos - amazing what's Up there, Uh huh.