Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My World--Walking for Causes

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I headed over the pass last weekend to Tacoma, to walk with a former student and his family and friends in the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) walk. That's Sahil in the dark jacket and blue pack walking with his friend Trent. He sure has grown since I first knew him as a first grader.
Sahil was diagnosed with diabetes when he was five years old. That's a lot for a little guy to handle, but he handles it well. He didn't much like having his finger pricked back in those days. Now he has an insulin pump, but he still has to check his sugar level several times a day. He doesn't let diabetes keep him from life. Always an eager learner, Sahil does great in school and he runs track--every event possible, apparently.
Events like these bring awareness to the community. They bring together those particularly concerned and give kids like Sahil a chance to realize they are not alone with the disease. They also give a chance to learn more and see what is new in research. One booth had information about service dogs trained to recognize when a diabetic's sugar levels are reaching a dangerous low, and alert him so that he can take action to adjust it. Exciting, isn't it!

The Sahil Sonics, organized by Sahil's Aunt Nabila, raised over $1000. (It doesn't all register on the page yet.) I was proud that they let me be a part of their team.
And we had a beautiful day and a lovely setting for it.


eileeninmd said...

A wonderful way to spend the day and help out the juvenile Diabetes research fund. Wonderful photos!

Martha Z said...

Another great cause you are supporting. Nice to see so many out raising money to help.
It's good to hear that this young man is managing his disease so well. Many here in Sun City fail to change diet and exercise that helped cause their type 2 diabetes and suffer the consequences.

Anila said...

Thank you sooooo very much for being a part of this fight against diabetes. You don't know how much it meant to us that you came all the way from Yakima to walk with us. This will never be forgotten Kathy. Sahil is a very very lucky young man to have soooo many people who care about him. It is a daily struggle for Sahil and I hope and pray that the cure comes out for this disease in my lifetime so I can see my son live without checking his blood sugar, without being dizzy, without having a low, without having a high blood sugar, without nausea and headaches. Thank you once again Kathy.................

imac said...

Wonderful thoughts and sounds a good day.

Paulie said...

That's neat that you could do that with a former student. I love the wall mural too!