Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Way Thursday

I have discovered a group posting pathways and signs and such under the meme "This Way Thursday." I've not had a specific theme to blog on for for Thursdays, leaving it open to post whatever strikes me, and if nothing strikes me...well, there are postless Thursdays in my past. I may not post a This Way every Thursday, but it's nice to have another inspiration.

This was our way as we hiked Trail 100 at Mt. Spokane State Park last Saturday. The trail turns off of this park road, which obviously leads somewhere by car in the summer--but not for now.
No, not this way...

Not a day for a picnic, and we'd already had lunch and arrived too late in the afternoon for a long hike, so let's head up the hill before we have to turn back when the light starts to fade.

This must have been a "road less travelled" section of the trail--at least for winter hikers. How did we manage to get into this predicament? We found better paths farther up, after a bit of a climb out of the streambed. Was this an offshoot of  Trail 100?
We arrived back at the parking lot just at the same time as the kids did. They had been skiing just a bit farther up the mountain.

Where do your paths lead?
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Carver said...

Beautiful winter shots. I love your shot for the skywatch home page this week.

Janie said...

The trail is beautiful, but maybe better for skiing than for hiking!

Tink *~*~* said...

I love that pine-lined trail beyond the no parking sign. Thanks for playing this week!

Tink *~*~*