Monday, January 18, 2010

Odd Shot--Sticker Shock

Comments I have received from others who have seen this:

"YOWSA! That's gonna be SOME quilt!"

"Those must be some gigantic Jungle Babies!"

"Even a 40% off coupon wouldn't make that affordable!"

"Wow Kathy, wanna share some of those 944 yards"

"Did you pay cash or use your credit card Kathy??? Wow!"

"Please tell me what project needs 944 yards of the same fabric. Are you planning on covering the houses in your neighborhood? "

The clerk at the checkout was able to insert the decimal point and charge me correctly (I think) for my .944 yards of fabric--which was what was left on the bolt.

I post odd shots each Monday. They may be an odd moment like this, an odd angle, an odd sighting. If you also have an odd shot, please leave a comment so we can easily find it.


Martha Z said...

A great odd shot and a reminder to check the recipt (something I'm not good about). There errors aren't always so obvious.

Lew said...

WOW! That would be a big overdraft to my checking account. I have another cat odd shot.

Hilda said...

'Yowza' is right! Amazing what a tiny decimal point can do…

I found a matching mini for last week's pug.

Paulie said...