Sunday, January 31, 2010

Odd Shot--Swinging

Did you ever

take a picture

 of a kid

on a swing?

That didn't work,

did it?

Let's try a different angle.


maybe next time.

I post an odd shot for every Monday.
 If you have one, too, leave a comment and we'll come visit.


Hannah - Zukan said...

Mine is up. Have a good week ahead!

quilly said...

I love this! I have actually tried taking such shots. You need to turn yourself (at the waist) the same speed the swinger is swinging -- if you don't make yourself sik before you synchronize, you'll get a pretty good shot!

I have been contemplating joining this adventure for awhile, and today I finally did. My shot is up.

katney said...

I did get some that were not bad, but I don't post recognizable kid pictures. I thought htis was kind of fun.

Off to visit the two of you.

Paulie said...


Gattina said...

Hahaha ! difficult to get !

Lew said...

I have lots of such pictures, especially of birds and squirrels (and missing heads in group pictures). My odd shot is up.

imac said...

Looks like you had a load of fun shooting this post Katney.