Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo is not the Odd part of the Shot--I guess it is an Odd Spot instead

I overheard a conversation the other day and had to ask the teller to repeat the story. You know how sometimes you just can't believe what you hear?

So she explained that she had been asking for directions over the phone from someone in a professional office. The directions were all "up the hill" and "down the hill" and so forth. So to clarify she asked, "Is that east or west?"

The answer:

"Oh, we're in the city. We don't have east and west."


They do have North and South, though.

I checked.

I normally post an Odd SHOT every Monday. An Odd Shot is an image that gives you pause, perhaps an odd angle on something fairly normal, or a surprising sight. Today's Odd Shot is heard, not seen. The images are just for illustration, though I suppose it is odd for someone to go down the road taking pictures of street signs. Leave a comment if you have an odd shot--or an odd spot--so we can find your.


Hilda said...

LOL! Oh goodness, I don't think I'd want any staff like that in our office.

My first odd shot for the new year!
Formal wear

Paulie said...

Good way to get lost. . .

Lew said...

A narrow city they live in! With roads only going up/down and north/south! Funny! My odd shot is up.

imac said...

Up or down eh, nice one.

Cathy said...

That is odd... mine is up.

Liz said...

I need to wave my arms around to give directions and I certainly don't know east from west!

Janie said...

Funny! You have to wonder what the heck people are thinking when they say such things.