Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Have you voted?

Our county went to mail in ballots several years ago. I voted last week.

If you haven't voted yet, do.

Unless, of course you are Welsh or Irish or Austrailia or French or Brazilian or Norwegian or Israeli or South African or...


Daryl said...


One of "The Kids" said...

Went to the county election office on Saturday to see about voting early. Line wrapped around the building, then it decided to start pouring rain.

Decided to wait and vote at the polling place today. We still have polling places in our county, but I think we go to mail-in only next time. Gotta love the State of Washington!

It was pretty fast. No lines, but all the booths were taken, so I sat at a table. Long ballot! Lots of King County charter changes and judges with only one candidate in the race.

There were eight candidates for president. Only two of them claim to be socialist, but I consider six of them to have socialist tendancies, including the one I voted for:

Barack Obama / Joe Biden
Democratic Party Nominees

John McCain / Sarah Palin
Republican Party Nominees

Ralph Nader / Matt Gonzalez
Independent Candidates

Gloria La Riva / Eugene Puryear
Socialism & Liberation Party Nominees

James E. Harris / Alyson Kennedy
Socialist Workers Party Nominees

Bob Barr / Wayne A. Root
Libertarian Party Nominees

Chuck Baldwin / Darrell L. Castle
Constitution Party Nominees

Cynthia McKinney / Rosa Clemente
Green Party Nominees

CrazyCath said...

... or English. :(

We sit and hope you guys get the right man for the job...

PERBS said...

I got my ballot in the mail and voted two weeks ago. I live 5 blocks from a drop off place so didn't even waste a stamp.