Monday, November 3, 2008

Bridges between...

Blogger has been reversing the order of the photos I insert in groups, so I guess I will talk about this bridge from close-up back to approach rather than the other way around.
Rune E has pointed out his fascination with bridges, and I have discovered while following his passion for them the variety and graphic artistry of different bridges.
We learned about the stability of triangles in early math classes. That stability is put to good use in this trestle's bracing.
The bold graphic lines of the bridge are softened by the greenery surrounding it.
We approached this trestle bridge during the 2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in Seattle. It crosses the Sammamish River Trail.
There were 3299 walkers in the Seattle event, bridging the awareness gap about this dread disease and raising research funds. Click the 3-Day label below to see my earlier posts about the experience.

Visit Rune to find more Bridge builders!


ArneA said...

bridging the awareness gap
is always the most difficult activity.
A great contribution to bridging gaps as I wanted to call the meme

PERBS said...

I like the architecture of your bridge. It certainly has a long (Indian) name. . .

RuneE said...

We don't see many of those wooden bridges around here. The patterns that you found was very compelling to watch. I think I could have wandered around there for a long time - and I liked your comparison to the anti-cancer walk.

Anne-Berit said...

Lovely old bridge,and an interesting post to reed.
Have a nice monday!

A. said...

A very striking bridge, and I do hope the walk to bridge the awareness gap had an equally striking effect.

9na said...

Awareness gap, an interresting phrase.. than you for sharing this with me...!

Anemone said...

Wow... an old brigde in tree...!!

Just GREAT pistures :-)))