Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ABC Wednesday--A Quilter's ABC--S

ABC Wednesday started with Mrs. Nesbitt.
It now has an Anthology and a Mr. Linky.
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S is for Star Blocks.
A lot of quilt blocks are inspired by stars. This is a quilt I made of stars for a class I taught. We did a different star each class session. I don't have a space big enough to photograph the whole quilt--this is a scan of the picture taken for the class notebook.
Quilters in the class used a variety of colors for their quilts. It was amazing to see each star emerge in different fabrics.
Every star block has a name (or several.) You've seen some of these for other letters. I don't know the name of this one. I probably did at the time, but I can't find it now. Do you know the name of it? Or can you think of one to give it?
This one is a Sawtooth Star. In some places the Sawtooth Star is called the Ohio Star--but most give that name to a different one.
Here is a Little Lone Star.
...which is based on the Lemoyne Star.
Two smaller stars here--a Friendship Star and a 4 Point Star.
A Feathered Star. If you try a Feathered Star, be sure you have really good directions.
Here is a Double Star--also called a Carpenter's Square.
This one is a Byzantine Star. It also goes by California Star.
Here is Aunt Eliza's Star.
54-40 or Fight--I could have used this one for P is for Politics or H is for History.
I thought I had an Ohio Star. This Feathered Star was based on the Ohio Star and so is the unknown star. I will use an Ohio Star for my Anthology post.


PERBS said...

I like the third one down of the single "squares" best. It reminds me of a snowflake. You must have a wonderful quilt collection.

RuneE said...

The intricacies of quilting continues to amaze me.

PS There is an error in your address on the Anthology-page

Rose said...

I'm so impressed by the intricacy of all these stars. I often wonder about the quilters who originally created these different patterns. Very interesting post!

photowannabe said...

I didn't know there were so many star designs. What a beautiful quilt and I bet the class was lots of fun to teach.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

babooshka said...

The quality constanly amazes me. I wouldn't know where to start.

Liz said...

Gosh, it is just amazing the variation in simple quilt patterns. We have a wall hnaging of stars in Linden. I'll try and remember to take a photo of it and post it.

Cloudia said...

Wow, thanks for the tutorial. I ill enjoy quilts more now that you have shown us some of the details. I will try to photo some Hawaiian Quilts for you! The Hawaiians were taught by the missionary women and took off running. One of our petterns is called :"Ulu" or breadfruit. . . . Of course the Polynesians had been placing patterns into Tapa cloth (made of mulberry bark) for generations. Some of those patterns are seen today in tribal tatooing and architectural 'filips' on Honolulu buildings. . . . . Aloha, Dear!