Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Road

We haven't had any adventures yet, just a day on the road and a night in a motel. True, we could have camped last night, but we had a long day on the road and stayed where we usually do on this trip when we don't have the tiny trailer following us.
These are some rest stop views in Oregon.
You might be wondering what that thing is behind the cow that looks kind of like a giant hand coming out of the ground. Wondering myself, I went back to the original series of "cow at the rest stop" pictures and identified it as a fence post. In Eastern Oregon there is commonly a corner post made of sort of a box filled with rocks. That's what that is.

Now, this is a common sign in the bathrooms of major motel chains. the crazy thought came to me last night since I did forget to pack something.
What do you suppose they would say at the desk if I told them I forgot my sausage?
That was only an odd thought--the Odd Shot is in the post below.


Sandi McBride said...

I always reckoned that Oregon had to be a fantastic place to travel you've proven it. Have fun! Ask for sausage...

PERBS said...

You mean you were taking sausage all the way to Arizona? Or was it for a camp out on the way there? lol

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Hehehe... I really had a nice chuckle at this post! =D

diXymiss said...

Beautiful country! Funny about the sausage... They did say, if you've forgetten "anything" just ask!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Ok i have to ask, do they charge you for these items that you forgot?

Katney said...

Lilli, the sign does say complimentary, but I doubt that there would be complimentary sausage.

And, yes, Paulia, there had been a special on sausage, and we froze it in packets for camp breakfasts. We had our omlets without sausage this morning.