Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I've just visited Sunrise/Sunset photos at Postcards from Paulie and at Polliwog Creek. and I would like to join them in sharing some amazing sunrises and sunsets. The rules are:

Show me your sunsets! Or your sunrise, whichever the case may be. It has to be a photo you took. Include a brief description of where it was, and how it made you feel watching that sunset/sunrise.

As always, I can't stop at just one. First, this is a different look at sunrise. This picture is take facing West and was actually taken because of the moon. The newly risen sun gave a wonderful luster to Mount Rainier, but the White River and the forest in the foreground were still in the shadow of the peaks to the East.
Yes, this next is very nearly the same view as the first picture. The difference is the time of day and the year. You see, this sunset picture was taken about a year before the other. It was taken from the campfire circle at White River Campground. A major portion of that campfire circle was swept away in the floods of November 2006--including the spot I was standing on when I took this picture. For the sunrise picture, I stood in the river bed itself.

While we were cruising Alaska's Inside Passage last summer, I got up early each morning to walk about twelve laps of the ship to keep in training. I felt invigorated by the early morning air, proud to be able to put in three miles before breakfast, awed at the scene, and excited about the adventures that were to come during the week.

These two sunset photos were taken on the cruise. We were still in the harbor at Port Rupert, B.C. and had just been guests at a cultural presentation of First Nation foods, storytelling, and dances in the longhouse there. It was our last stop before a day and night at sea on the way home. We were soaking it all in--all--celebration of 40 years together, the awesomeness of the sky, the experiences, the knowledge that we would be back to day to day life again, and the fact that during our absence a dear friend had died tragically. That's a very emotional sunset.


Paulie said...

I was basking in the beauty of those two snow, I mean sunrise , photos when I spotted your last two! Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on your long marriage -- I wish I could have done the same. . .

Patricia said...

Hi Katney! Thank you for participating. Your photographs are just lovely. What a majestic backdrop you have in those mountains, too. We have oceans and you have mountains. Our world is filled with amazing variety, isn't it? What a Creator we have!

Again, thank you for contributing to the meme.


cha said...

HI Katney! i just love the crimson like sky.. very very nice shot. i wish i can see that to

Merry Christmas...