Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pulled out snowshoes today--went in search of the white stuff--found it!

When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, we spoke of "going to the snow." It was not till I was in college in the Pacific Northwest that the snow came to me.

We've had some sprinkles of snow in the valley, but to really have some adventures in it, we decided to "go to the snow" today.

Canoeing anyone? We have a picture taken by our son years ago at Bumping Lake where we hiked today. His dad and two scouts are in one of three canoes on the lake. Today was not a canoeing day.
I don't know how thick the ice was. The news said you shouldn't walk on it unless it is at least four inches thick. I think the look of the lake in this picture is slightly eerie.
The snow that falls through this winter will fill the lake and make this dock at the marina less of an enigma.
The lack of a lifeguard will be slightly more significant in six or eight months.
And picnics a little more comfortable.
This is the last picture I had taken of Bumping Lake--when we flew home from Arizona a couple of years ago. That is Mt. Adams in the distance. We see it in the distance from home as well. On this flight, we flew over our house to arrive in Seattle--then had to drive home three hours.


Paulie said...

Thanks for sharing your snow adventures with me! I am so envious of you. I never thought it would matter that I didn't learn to drive but now that I can't do things like that, I wish I could.

Throw a snowball for me!

Babs said...

Don sent me your blog and I just spent the past half hour looking at all of your beautiful photos! Love 'em! And all the great commentary as well - very enjoyable! I look forward to checking back often. If you'd like, you can check out our blog as well ( - it is very Kelly-centered at the moment, but I hope to expand the themes a bit more to other subjects in my life (there is life after/other than kids!) as I continue to learn and practice using it (I am a relatively new blogger). I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday in the snow! :-)

Babs said...

Hi Kathy - Don sent me your blog address and I just spent the last half hour enjoying all of your amazing photos and commentary - Love it! Check out our new blog if you like ( - it is very Kelly-centric at the moment, but I endeavor to expand the theme a bit as I get more practiced at using it (I am a relatively new blogger). Happy Holidays & snow days to you & your family! xo Kim & Kelly (Don't step-daughter & -grand-daughter)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Love the snow scene and the first photo is just wonderful and eerie.
You did good