Saturday, December 29, 2007

More snow

The kids took well to the snowshoes and it was hard to keep up with D and R. C kept falling. The first time we asked if it was on purpose and he said no. About the umpteenth time he admitted that he did it on purpose.
This was an easy trail for their first outing. We hiked the Trail of the Shadows at Longmire (Mt. Rainier National Park.) We stuck around in the Longmire area and didn't go on up to Paradise. The road to Paradise was late in opening because more snow kept on sliding onto the road behind the snow removal equipment. We found plenty to do at Longmire.
They really are color pictures.

In the Ranger Station a woman seeking a back country permit to camp for four nights was being quizzed about her winter skills. She grew up in cold country in the Midwest, so the rangers seemed to be comfortable with issuing her a permit. She then asked about where to go to avoid avalanche areas. The ranger laughed. Welcome to Avalanche Country--it's all avalanche area at this time of year.

I don't know if she continued her camping plans or not. I do know that three or four hours was plenty for us.


Paulie said...

I enjoyed all your SNOE photos but the second was was so beautiful -- each little branch on the limb was loaded with snow! I guess if I had a way to go to the mountains, I would be really enjoying it too! One reason I am mad at myself for never learning to drive.

More snow is coming tomorrow -- I might take the bus to Camas. I also forgot about the bus that goes down the Gorge (Skamania) a bit Monday thru Friday or I might have tried going on it. If I do, I will take a backpack with food and water and plan to be out doors for a bit since the bus doesn't travel often back to Vancouver. We will see. If I do, I will let someone locally know where I am going tho. I just want to see and play in the snow! Ü

napaboaniya said...

The snow pictures really cold to look at. But still I wished I was there.. I'm stuck with blazing sun!!
Have a great 2008 :)