Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zion National Park

I was suprised so see that fall colors were still showing in Zion Canyon when we stopped there on Sunday. I tried to get a nice juxtaposition of the yellow leaves, the green of the evergreens, and the red of the rock. The canyon is so vast that getting the big picture is a struggle. A visitor more familiar with the area told us that the peak of the colors had passed a couple of weeks ago.

Rock climbers find this a good season for their sport here. It may be chilly out of the sun for these men on the cliff face, but that is better than the 107 we found in the Park when we visited in the summer.

Can you see how many climbers are here? I thought I was taking a picture of two.

We hiked to the Emerald Pools. The fall scene is just a trickle on the water falls. Spring and summer run-off must be awesome.

Here is where the water lands to seep into the Lower Pool below.

A wider view of Zion Canyon.

The reflection in the Middle Pool. One waterfall drops from here to the Lower Pool.

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Paulie said...

Thanks for the tour. i have never been there.