Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sunset Crater

Sometime around 1000 years ago a volcano erupted north of the Walnut Canyon settlement. The peak is a cindercone volcano. Its shape is remarkably similar to though much smaller than Mt. St. Helens, which is a composite volcano. The blast spread ash far and wide just as St. H did. Lava flow left an amazing landscape.

How did the nearby natives react to this eruption? It would have been visible and have affected those at Walnut Canyon and in the areas around Wupatki.


Andrée said...

that's a good question. I wonder if they had traditions so that they could sense when they needed to get out of the way. It's a fascinating and beautiful area.

Paulie said...

Love how you compared it to mt. St. Helens since i have been there and can compare in my mind.