Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Look at all those books!

My school library is a long classroom with two doors to the hall. The main door is the one that is usually used by students. Coming in that door one sees immediately my desk, the library tables, the circulation desk just to the left of the door, and as you come further in you see a space for a class of youngsters to sit on the carpet, and the picture books and easy readers surrounding this area.

Beyond a low shelf in the center are the stacks--the meat and bones of the upper elementary and middle school library--though the catalog (still a card catalog--I will admit it) and encyclopedias are directly opposite the main door.

I had the back door open yesterday--the one that goes directly into the stacks-- as the kindergartners came by on their way to lunch. The two most remarkable comments from these wiggly five year olds were:

"Wow! Look at all those books!" and "I didn't know we had two libraries!"

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Paulie said...

That is just precious! I can see my former K kids saying that too. Great memory.