Friday, November 9, 2007

...and times they are changing...

My hubby has returned from the post office where he sent off an envelope to Battle Creek, Michigan. He had collected enough box tops and such from Kellogg's to get a free cholesterol testing kit.

"Do you know what I last sent for from Battle Creek?" he asked me as he was assembling his request forms.

"A decoder ring?" I guessed.

"Close! It was a space helmet from Space Patrol!"

(A little research has determined that Space Patrol was not sponsored by Kellogg's, but by Ralston. Kellogg's instead sponsored Tom Corbett Space Cadet. And I leave you to your own musings on that.)


Paulie said...

Thanks for the chuckle. . .

Jean-Noel Bassior said...

Hi Katie,

Enjoyed your story! I've interviewed so many ex "cadets" who still remember watching the mail for those Space Patrol premiums ("one boxtop and 25 cents in coin." We still haven't forgotten. Paul Holbrook from The Big Reel magazine has created wonderful graphics of those premiums at, but more than that, he's captured the feeling of that era with incredible color graphics of those toys we remember.

Spaceman's luck,
Jean-Noel Bassior

Jeff said...

At some point between the space helmet and the cholesterol monitor, Dad switched from Chex to Rice Krispies?

Katney said...

Oh. Deja vu all backwards. I remember someone commenting at Beans for Breaksfast about how would you feel if you knew your mother read your blog. Now its do you know your son reads yor blog?

See you TG.