Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tracy Arm

After Juneau we sailed into the fjord called Tracy Arm to see the Sawyer Glacier--another tidewater glacier. A fjord is a submarine glacier carved valley. As the glacier calves, it sends out icebergs such as this one. Some are small, but others like this one are big enough to host a family of birds.
Back in Ketchikan we could have gone to see the Misty Fjords. This fjord was misty, too. Steep cliffs, waterfalls, deep valleys that made you wonder what you would find if you could hike into that wilderness.

The Sawyer Glacier.
I love this picture. The photography crew from the ship were let down in a dingy to go get some nature shots. Those photos were later for sale in the photo gallery. Sigh! We could have left them there and they wouldn't have continued to bug us as we left the ship with shots of us with bogus Alaska critters.

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