Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Berkeley Park Day

Last Saturday started out foggy. We went through several layers of fog as we drove from the campground to Sunrise Point. Above that elevation it was mostly clear.
Our hike took us to Berkeley Park. A "Park" in mountain parlance is a wide expanse of meadow. Those who said the flowers were gone should have hiked to Berkeley Park. Of course, they were wrong anyway, as I had counted over twenty that I could name on our morning hike the previous day, and found others I hadn't seen earlier in the afternoon.
Berkeley Park, on the other hand, was a floral feast. There were at least half a dozen flowers that I had not seen before.
The marmots were having a feeding frenzy on the hill. There must have been a couple of dozen of them in one area. Their entire job for the summer is to eat, and then eat, and after that eat some more. They often take a moment out to pose, though.

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Paulie said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for leaving comment on my squirrel post with your addy here! I loved the adventures of the marmot and your hike. You must have enjoyed your summer working for the park service as a volunteer. Hope to frequent your blog now that I know it exists.