Friday, August 3, 2007

Breakfast at McDonald's

We had breakfast at McDonald's again this morning. This may not seem very significant, but there is no McDonald's in our town. In order to go to McDonald's you have to go to the next town either direction. In either direction it is 5.5 miles from the Pathway parking lot (a little farther from the house).

Breakfast at McDonald's is one of my ways of getting my training walks in for the Breast Cancer 3-Day next month. With the temperatures hovering in the high nineties (when not in triple digits), getting that walk in at any other time of day is next to impossible. That McMuffin is my necessary incentive. One of these times I will make the return walk as well.

My donation page for the 3-Day is at
I could sure use some more sponsorship.

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Paulie said...

That's kinda like my going to Wendy's for their chilli. lol