Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cruisin' to Alaska

Okay, I am not going to start with Alaska. I am going to start with my fascination with this ship. I am only posting five ship pictures of the fifty plus that I put in my organized album.
As you can see, the ship is BIG
--really BIG!
You can see that it towers over the streets of Ketchikan here.
We had the most incredible weather most of the way.
When it rained, it was where it ought to rain.
Fog was just right.
Why, you might ask, do I also label this posting 3 Day?
Three laps of the ship is approximately one mile.
Guess how many laps a day I did
when not in port doing other walking?
The ship possesses it's share of elegance. This is a view
down into the Grand Atrium.
Everything is shipshape and shiny.

And this is an elegant good-bye to this post.

Next post will be Ketchikan.

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Paulie said...

How interesting -- I have never been on a cruise ship. I almost did as the teachers from my school in California were planning a cruise to Alaska but I choose to move "home" to Washington instead.