Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Signs of Fall

We are moving our headbangers posting date to Monday next week, but in the interim, here are some recent visual thoughts about the signs that Fall is here. (The temperatures and the storms have provided signs for the other senses.)

 I drove by the supermarket after picking up a few groceries and took this shot of the pumpkins ready for jack-0-lantering. Or pies. But not soup. I tried to adapt my squash and spicy sausage soup recipe to use canned pumpkin for convenience and it did not work well. I am not sure if I got quantities messed up too much, tried to rush it, or if the pumpkin is just a bit sweeter than the butternut squash.

Then later appeared the Harvest Moon. What better sign of Fall? I checked it out the next evening, but one of those fall storms was building and the moon was not visible at all.

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imac said...

Neat show of Autumn Kathy,