Monday, October 31, 2016

Favorite Animal

The headbangers have chosen "My Favorite Animal" as this week's theme. there are five of us in friendly competition to post a new header each week. We have changed our posting day to Monday to better fit some of our schedules.

I can't really say how long the giraffe has intrigued me. Perhaps it goes back to a trip to the zoo with my nephews many many years ago. On the way to San Diego in the car it was mentioned that a baby giraffe had been born. It was six feet five inches tall at birth. One of the nephews was very impressed. His comment? "That's taller than Sandy Koufax!" (I date myself.)

These pictures were taken at the San Francisco Zoo, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I am sure I have more, but these were the easiest at hand. Unfortunately no picture of the baby taller than Koufax, but this first one is not much older than that one was at the time, and definitely tall.

This one may be my favorite. Looks like he just finished an ice cream cone.

Is that his tongue again?

What you lookin' at, Lady?


This was a special birthday p[resent a few years ago. My daughter paid for the privilege of me feeding the giraffe at Woodland Park Zoo.

Other headbangers may have chosen more cuddly creatures as favorites. Hmmm. I could have included that frog from last week's colors post. Nah! Not necessarily a favorite. The others have links in my sidebar so you can see what they like.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

What a great animal, I enjoyed them at the wildlife park.

imac said...

Lovely choice Kathy DF, Very Majestic Animal.

Lew said...

Delightful shots of the giraffes! I would guess they are all taller the Koufax.

Christine Soto said...

Neat photos! I love the tongue one, too.