Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Theme for Header: Water

If I were lazy, I could just leave my Crater Lake pictures up and change the description to water.

Actually, although we have great water features in the Pacific Northwest and are famed for it, I sometimes find my best water images in the Desert Southwest.

 The image above and my header image, taken from the one below are of my daughter's swimming pool near Phoenix, Arizona. It is very popular with her kids.
 And water in the desert can be very forceful. Just think of the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River at the bottom, remnant of the sculpting power which carved it.

But farther north and west:

 We have rowers in Oakland, California--on the same lake as my gondola from a few weeks ago.
 Water in the sky, in the form of a rainbow over the crops. We had a beautiful double a few weeks ago. Have you noticed that the second rainbow of a double has it's colors reversed? as it is a reflection of the first.
 Orchards and vineyards along the Columbia River.
 A Merganser Duck in the river near Leavenworth, Washington.
 Spokane Falls.
 Dewey Lake.
 Sandhill Cranes. They descend by the thousands on the Othello area near here on a rest on their spring migration.
 Palouse Falls.

I have to admit that I am not sure where this was taken. But it's great water, right?

The headbangers changed the theme on my behalf this week as it had originally been set to be "What did you do last month?" Mac's choice because he knew he had a great trip and event. My month was less satisfying. You can see what the others did with "water" by clicking their links in my sidebar.


imac said...

Altho sad, Photos will bring back many Happy Memories of Ranny.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat views of the water Kathy.

Lew said...

You have wonderfully captured the beauty of water in your western US. The water cannot always be taken for granted in the southwest. I have seen some of of the beauty of the water and the lack of water in California and Arizona.

Christine Soto said...

All are such beautiful photos!

Liz Hinds said...

You have been to some wonderful places.

The vineyards alongside the river are fascinating: the contrast between the irrigated river bank and the rocky outcrops.