Thursday, July 21, 2016


Games are a major feature of Cousin Camp every year. I think the kids look forward to seeing what Grandma has in the game bag, and it is usually the same things that were there last year. These Cousin Camp pictures were taken in earlier years. Cousin Camp was preempted this year by funeral travel, but will resume next year.
Chess. In a manner of speaking. The older cousin once described the youngest's moves on the chess board as "creative."

Mancala. Well, this one was creative, too, as the stones were left at home
 and they used the pegs from the Chinese Checkers set.

Bigger games are popular as we always try to catch a baseball game. This one was at Safeco Field in Seattle and if I recall correctly, the Mariners won over the Tigers(?). Maybe it was the Phillies.

Best game of the year, though is when the priests of our diocese take on the seminarians in a fundraiser soccer game each August. Admission is free, but sale of t-shirts and food bring in a good deal of money for the seminarians tuition fund. This year two players change sides, as two of the former seminarians were ordained to the priesthood this spring. It is a lively game. At least one of the priests once played semi-pro soccer in his native Colombia, and others grew up on the game.

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imac said...

Real neat show of Games Kathy, Love the Header and never heard of the game of Mancala. looks interesting.

Christine Soto said...

Great pictures of games! I love your header.