Thursday, July 28, 2016

Headbangers on Hiatus

We are taking a break for a couple of months from our headbanger themes and posting as we wish when we are able. Headbangers are busy people, and it seems the much busier in the summer months. Do take a look from the links in my sidebar to see what the headbangers are up to.

Me? I have been hiking the last two weekends. Where? Where else? Mt. Rainier.

On July 17 I took a couple of short hikes--one around Tipsoo Lake and the other along the Silver Forest Trail. The image in my header--taken from this one-- is from the parking area at Tipsoo Lake on that day.

On July 24 I hiked the Naches Loop Trail and learned (1) there is more uphill than I remember. (2) A lot of people hike it counterclockwise and miss the sudden bend where the mountain appears suddenly before you. Travel the whole way without that view--with the mountain behind them. So sad! (3) I am woefully out of shape. My legs were like jelly when I completed the loop and are still sore on Thursday.

Water, wildflowers, and that wondrous view were the main attractions on that day. Here are some shots.

I may have missed the peak of the wildflowers but they were still in abundance.

Scarlet Paintbrush

Avalanche Lilies ( I think--I confuse them with the yellow Glacier Lilies).

and they were in abundance as well.

So far as I know this little lake is nameless. It is easy to reach, and you can see that it was a sill day there for great reflections. Including the young lady in pink reflected on her wanderings. She passed me by shortly after this. A lot of people passed me by.

A bit of waterfall. Many spots where the water falls on the rocky east side of the loop.

Dewey Lake. Do you see the sparkle?

You probably do now.

Did I mention coming around to the view?

I may hike again this coming weekend--if my legs are back to normal. Before I go I let my daughters know where I plan to hike, then I check in when I return, making them jealous of the view. I do not want to be one of those lost hikers that have to be searched for.


imac said...

Wonderful show Kathy, Pleased you had time to post to.
Ive also posted about Austria, with their Mountains, Great Minds Eh! lol

Lew said...

Your mountain does not disapear on holiday! Glad you are back on the mountain and bringing us its beauty!

Liz Hinds said...

You live in such a beautiful place!