Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tell a Story

I proposed the theme of "Tell a Story" some time ago with something totally different in mind than what I have here to share. Perhaps the other Headbangers will post pictures that tell a story within themselves as I had intended. But when looking last night for some story worthy photos, I suddenly remembered these which were taken more than ten years ago when I was called upon at the last minute to provide an entertainment program for the Summer Reading Program at our local library. (More than ten years? I just realized that the teenager in the background is the same age as my youngest daughter, 37. So this had to be about twenty years ago.)

I appeared a couple of days later as Ms. Frizzle, the star of the Magic School Bus series of children's books. Ms. Frizzle is a creative school teacher who takes her students on amazing field trips in her magic school bus. Trips such as under the sea to study the fishes or through the blood vessels to study the body. There are dozens of these stories.

For each lesson, Ms. Frizzle dresses appropriately, with an outfit covered with things that might be seen on that particular trip; and in the last scene of each book she has changed to a dress that predicts the next destination in the series.

In this first image, which I will adapt for my header, I am wearing fish clothing. the skirt, the hat and the necklace  feature fish prints. (I wonder what happened to those. I could use those fish fabrics for a quilt.) I am holding the Magic School Bus story where the class goes under the sea. I can't see the exact title but I can see the bus in its dive.
 I apparently had a quick change ready, as here I am entertaining the kids with my invisible dog and am dressed in a skirt and apron with pets on them. (Do you see Rover's collar at the end of the leash?)

My husband, Ranney, is a great one for telling stories. His Dad used to say "Don't get him started!" Of course, his Dad was also a great storyteller, too, and had plenty of experiences in his ninety two years to build them on. Here is Ranney telling his favorite spooky story to the grandkids at our campfire during "Cousin Camp" this summer.

What stories have the headbangers told this week? Take a look at their blogs which are linked in my sidebar near the top.


imac said...

Magic Kathy, most interesting.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: What a wonderful experience to look back on.

Christine Soto said...

What a great memory! We read some of the Magic School Bus books when my boys were younger. It looks like you had the rapt attention of all of those children!!