Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Away - Day

Not really sure what Mac had in mind when he suggested the theme "Away - Day". Of course he is away--for much more than a day.

These folks are getting ready for an away day.

We were on an away day when we saw these horses on an away day.
Sometimes we see a ball game when we are on an away day.

Many times our away days involve either a National Park

 or Family.

Then there are the ones that involve both.

For my header I decided that the ultimate away day is being had by those here.
When I took the picture of the plane flying parallel to us we were on an ultimate away day--days--when we traveled to Scotland to hike and to Lincolnshire to visit Mac.

Other header challengers are linked in my sidebar. Would you like to join us?


imac said...

Very neatly done Kathy, lovely photos

Not around to vote.

Lew said...

You have had lots of great away days! Still love your mountain!

Christine Soto said...

Love your header; perfect for this week's theme. Your mountain gets me every time, though! Such beauty!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nice captures Kathy.