Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's not for nothing that it's called the Evergreen State.

Lew set the theme for today's headbangers as "Fall Colors". No wonder as it is the first day of fall and I am sure that the trees are starting to put on a show in his neck of the woods.

We went out looking for some fall color over the weekend. Well, when we went out to our favorite mountain hangouts I remembered the theme and said to my honey--I can get some fall color shots for my blog.

As I say, it is not for nothing that we are called the Evergreen State, for much of what we saw was as this view down the Eastside Road (Highway 123)..

Spots of color were pretty awesome. It is still early for the fullness of fall's display, but you can see the start of the turning.

Fall colors in New England and the Eastern Seaboard are very dynamic as there is an abundance of hardwood forests. Here where much is evergreen we love the spots of birch, alder, and maple dotted through the green.

I declare, though, that the true colors of fall are the blue, green and silver of the Seattle Seahawks.

Go Hawks!

I am sure that our headbanger friends have seen some gorgeous signs of fall in their areas, with or without a football team. You will find their links in my sidebar near the top.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nice captures on the first day of Fall. The Seahawks are very colorful.

Lew said...

Your big trees may not provide the color, but there is certainly beautiful color hidden under those trees!

imac said...

You certainly went on the hunt for Fall Coloures Kathy, Up the Sea Hawks,lol

Christine Soto said...

What a genius header image, when there's no autumn color around! I love the spots of color--just as beautiful as an image filled with fall color.

Liz Hinds said...

There aren't really any signs yet of autumn colours here as we're having a remarkably mild and pleasant September. But if we'll be looking at a field of red tomorrow when we go to Cardiff to watch Wales play in the rugby world cup!