Monday, June 16, 2014

So as birthdays go...

It was good news bad news good news bad news good news again.

We celebrated yesterday with Dads and my granddaughter--hers was yesterday and mine today and that was all great.

And then other Grandma went to the hospital (not because of the celebration.)

So this morning I got a birthday greeting from Google. Did you know they did this? I don't think I have googled anything on my birthday recently and apparently  if you go to Google's homepage while logged in on your Google account they present you with a birthday greeting. They've been doing it for almost four years, so I have missed at least three of them.

And birthday breakfast from McDonald's. Yum. Breakfast is my favorite thing at McD's.

So then we set out to hook up our little trailer--we had camped along the way for a "shakedown" trip. And I threw out my back. We almost had two Grandmas in the hospital, but I lay down in the driveway and asked for ice.

Rested a bit inside and after a while we got the boys to help us roll the trailer onto the level. We still had trouble. Then, after at least a half an hour messing with it on the level (we had spent as much on the slope of the driveway before I went "twang") Grandson #2 discovered the problem.

This is not the one, but a wasp nest this same size was jammed into the mechanism of the hitch, preventing it from  grabbing the ball. You wouldn't think, would you...

Note to self for future shakedown tours--first order of business--remove wasp nests, especially those built inside the hitch.

Once we were on the road I was able to alternate heat (heated seats) and ice on my back and the good news is that I am much better. Just got a text that other Grandma is also feeling much better, but will be kept in the hospital for a few days.

And we got home and himself went and got the mail and I had a birthday card.
...from the bank.

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Liz Hinds said...

Belated happy birthday, Kathy! Sounds like one to remember or possibly forget!

I've had a birthday greeting from google too! I think it's only special people they do it for ...